Trekking Tours

All tours can be tailor-made to fit your desires and schedule. The following are some samples of our trekking tours.

Day 1: Starting in M'hamid after lunch, we will guide you on camel back through a beautiful part of the desert including small sand dunes, tamarisk trees and over the stone desert. Along our journey, depending on the season, we may meet Nomads. At sunset we will arrive at a bivouac where dinner will be served and you will spend the night in tents.

Day 2: The next morning, after breakfast, we will return to M'hamid.

Day 1: We will depart at 8h00 toward Erg Ez-Zahar south-east of M'hamid. After a 3-hour ride we will take our lunch break at Race Nkhal. At 15h00 we will depart for Oued Naam. After a 2-hour ride, we will rest for the night in tents near the dunes of Sidi Naji, and eat dinner. 

Day 2: We will depart from Sidi Naji at 8h00, and walk over a large stone desert. We will eat lunch under the shade of a tamarisk tree, and then continue our ride to the terrific dunes of Erg Ez-Zahar for sunset, dinner, and accommodation in tents.
Day 3: After breakfast we will ride over a large stone desert before we reach Lhdibate, for lunch. In the afternoon we will continue to the sand dunes of Erg Smar where we will eat dinner and enjoy live entertainment. 

Day 4: After breakfast, we will depart for a 3-hour ride to Lbour, where we will eat lunch and arrive back to M'hamid at 18h00.


Day 1: After a lesson on how to ride your camel we will leave M'hamid in the morning on camel-back, with breaks at Race Nkhal and Oued Naam. Dinner and accommodation in tents among the dunes is provided.

Day 2: Leave Oued Naam after breakfast and walk over a large dry lake. Lunch will be eaten in Loitide. After lunch we will ride on camels until we reach our camp amongst the dunes. Dinner will be provided.
Day 3: After breakfast we will ride on the camels over a large stone desert (hammada) toward the Oasis Sacrée where we will eat lunch under the palm trees. After lunch we will continue our journey until we reach the high dunes of Chegaga. This is the largest group of dunes in the region reaching heights of 300m and lengths of 40km. The night will be spent in nomadic tents (bivouac) with dinner and entertainment provided.

Day 4: After breakfast the day will be spent trekking with the camels with the night spent intents amongst the dunes of Bougran.

Day 5: On the trip back to M'hamid we will travel to Lbour arriving in M'hamid at 6:30pm.

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